Mixer MX-TA & MX-TAW vacuum

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This mixer was born to renew the classic model of tilting mixers.

The new line, more attractive, has all the possibilities to be the top of the range in job automations.

It is a machine without frills that gives job satisfactions.
The rotation of the bowl is made by an electrical cylinder.
Reliability, low maintenance, simplicity in the cleaning process. 

This mixer is ideal to process meat, vegetables and tender products.
Its crossing paddles mixing system in two directions is a perfect substitute of the old hand job and allows to reach a better final result.
The mixer has two removable paddles shafts for the cleaning process in the unload position.
All the devices are inside the machine.



• Discharge onto all types of standard european wagons
• Massive stainless stell AISI 304 construction
• Glass blasted finishing
• Weldings and corners chamfered to avoid bacteria
• Bowl electrical tilting inside the frame
• Very quick cleaning process thanks to the quick removal paddle shafts on the frontal side
• Safety guards for a safe environment for operator and product
• CE rules complying

• Paddles rotation for the unloading process
• Meat conveyor for trolleys
• Loader for trolleys
• Pneumatic opening of cover
• Plc to store recipes
• Cooling gas cover
• Paddles speed adjustable