Flow Pack Machine FPI 3.0

cutter - mixer_scontornata

Flow pack machine designed and thought for food products’ packaging such as bread, cakes, pasta, biscuits, fresh/dry fruit and non-food products too like: bulk products, granular and dusty, tools, gifts, etc … To package individually or multiple.
Construction in steel material (AISI 304 as optional) With reclining top to put the product inside, adjustable from 0 ° to 90 ° to meet the requirements of each user.
Machine very simple to use and versatile. A lot of optional can be added to the basic version, in order to have and achieve high performances’ levels.

• machine’s dimensions (mm): 1700 x 900 x 900 h
• packaging’s part dimensions (mm): 1250 x 1250 x 1700 h
• reel’s width: min. 140 – max. 600 mm (on request: 700 mm)
• weight: 300 Kg.
• Packaging time : about 40 pcs / min.
• power supply: KW2 A3 230 V 50 Hz
• Machine made in Italy
• Cantilevered structure for an easy cleaning
• Epoxy painted structure, white RAL 1013 with coloured carter
• Machine manufacture following european rules CE – and certificated UL SA

Lo Reel’s unrolling takes place through the welding wheels’ pulling (2 in the standard version and optionally a pair of fold flap. The first couple have to pull the film; if there are any particular or special films or different requests, can be welding too) longitudinal, or with motorization, whenever this is a customer’s request or just in case of special films’ types or speed. An adjustable tunnel forms a “tube” that allows to package products of different nature and size.
The tunnel is regulated manually by an hand wheel (or motorized, version as optional)
A photoelectric sensor is placed into the Cutting/Sealing device which control the product’s output signal, the length, the product’s presence and the parts counting.
The Cutting/Sealing device is the transversal welding unit that performs the pack’s weld and cut. Available in pneumatic or electro mechanical (ask info)
An inclining slide and/or autonomous entree/exit carpets, depend on customer’s request, can be applied at the welding plate’s entree or exit
The control panel is fixed onto the machine’s structure in a very comfortable position for the operator, simple to use and to understand. Viewable Emergency and service buttons. Machine equipped with PLC with TOUCH SCREEN control.

• entree or exit conveyor belt,
• Hopper,
• charger,
• vibrating channel,
• volumetric filling device for bulk products, granular and dusty,
• entree/exit weighing scale
• Labelling machine / date display,
• thermal transfer printer,
• welding wheels’ pneumatic opening,
• modified atmosphere, photocell for press’ centering
• countertop,
• Multiple reel’s holder