Horizontal Packaging Machine HSR 5.0


The new Horizontal packaging machine HSR high speed rotary- 5. Is the new product for packaging field
It’s the result of experience during the years in such field and in various business fields concerning the automations
For this reason, we’ve applied completely our know-how in such electr. Packaging machine, to let it versatile in all products’ types, reliable in size changing, intuitive and fast.
Used for food- and non-food products, single doses or multi-packs,
Assuming the maximum clean ability, it is created with a cantilevered structure to clean it easily so to make simple the maintenance and maximum the safety.

• Painted or inox structure
• Top, carter, protections and underconveyor parts in AISI 304
• Conveyor belt 1500 mm length
• Fast extraction paddles
• Longitudinal sealing unit with three pairs of rollers with welding folder
• Cutting sealing group 1(+) sector (Ø 96:120;147;168 mm) widht 240 mm
• Trasversal Krimpers or longitudinal (at choice )
• Exit belt length. 900 mm
• Adjustable or fixed forming tunnel
• Standard spare kit
• Loading system from left to right
• Max. working speed (PT 100 mm. 270 cpm)
• Working weight 500 Kg
• Manufactured following CE European rules
• Cantilever Reel holder with pneumatic expander for films max 500 mm
• Digital Termoregulator with high precision OMRON to check the welding tools’ temperature
• Multicolor Touch screen panel to save recipes, check temperatures, diagnosis and optionals.
• Holding device.
• Polythene version
• No product no bag.
• Gussetting device
• Machine dimensions: width from 10 to 240 mm
• high: from 1 to 120 mm
• length: from 60 to 600 mm.
• Reel dimension: band 500 mm • ext. Ø 350 mm • Ø int 68÷75 mm.
• Wrapping material: sealable films, coupled films, cold welding films, polythene
• Power supply 3,5 KW.
• Compressed air 6 bar: dry and filtered air.

• Devices for date, logo etc. printing
• Photocells for print centering
• Automatic group for alcohol dosing
• Cutting/Sealing group with 2 sectors
• Zig Zag knives
• Euroslot punch
• Automatic feeding systems and specific customizations