The new AMA 30 honey dehumidifier was designed for the small beekeeper who does not need to work large quantities of the product. It is a compact machine, it can be used on a table and easily placed in a shelf. In a day it can dehumidify 30 kg of honey per batch and remove 1% to 2% of moisture. Operating with a cold dehumidifying process, AMA30 does not spoil the honey, and you can put the honey directly in the jar with the convenient front tap.

AMA30 is absolutely necessary for the preservation of honey for a long time. It allows to stop waiting for the capping, with huge benefits of honey productivity. In addition, it avoids the treatment of the operculum, avoids the drying of the honeycomb, reducing downtimes (quick-drying, maturing, dehumidification, potting), avoids cross-contamination (between wood, color of the honeycomb, mold in the room and air present in the environment) giving a guarantee of genuineness to the consumer.


  • Practical machine, small and easy to move
  • Cold dehumidification process that guarantees the maintenance of the properties and peculiar qualities of the produc
  • It removes 1-2% of humidity in about 10 hours (time is related to type of honey, ambient temperature etc)
  • Transparent cover that allows you to control the various stages of processing
  • The machine allows to work fewer quantities of product without affecting its quality
  • Also available for pollen dehumidification (equipment not included)
  • Complete machine equipped with condensation pot
  • Once the work is finished, it is easy to remove the paddles (altogether) with a simple clip release. They can go in the dishwasher!
  • Basic model: AMA30 satin finishing, no pollen Kit (optional)

Dimensions: 30 cm * h42cm* 93cm, kg 25+-

Voltage: 220v. 200 watt