Our double-bulk heated Rotating Maturator / Mixer suitable for processing liquid, creamy, dense and semi-dense products for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics sectors. It can be used in conjunction with a dosing machine thanks to the presence of a threaded ring nut

Solid, reliable, with inverter and gearmotor, honey does not reduce, does not incorporate air It has a double wall with resistors and a safety thermostat

It can be equipped with product temperature probe with heating stop.

Covered with two transparent plexiglass windows with safety micro

Leaned and / or screwed to the solid and anti-bending structure made of square stainless steel tubulars, with reinforcements and with feet (one adjustable) so you can easily be lifted moved and you do not risk to drop it accidentally.

Available in different sizes


– Stainless steel construction

–  Double wall bulkhead

– Heating elements for 2x2000w or more on request – Inverter for pallet speed regulation – Solid 4-leg frame

– Capacity from 800 kg upwards

– Window cover with micro security

– 1 ”, 1/2 or 2 ” exhaust tap

– Dimensions D1000mmx h 800 + 500mm+– structure with legs and adjustable feet