Mixer MX-FU & MX-FUW vacuum


This mixer has been engineered following the criteria of strongness, accuracy, reliability, low maintenance, simplicity in cleanings. That is why we chose best solutions and materials to manufacture this mixer for tender products like meat, vegetables a.s.o, and last but not least, generous dimensions on all mechanic parts.
Very intelligent is the mixing system with two way crossing paddles or with opposite flux paddles belt for an final high omogenity.
The bowl is a two level one and the unload of the products is from both levels. This allows a very quick unload process saving a lot of time but mostly this avoid any additional mix of the product so the first unloaded is exactly the same of the last one!!!
•exclusive automatic double discharge door that accepts all types of standard european wagons and guarantees the lowest unload time.
•Special shape of the mix cycle that avoids any kind of unload damage of the product
•massive stainless stell AISI 304 construction
•glass-blast finishing
•weldings and corners chamfered to avoid bacteria
•gear box inside the structure and separated from the machine in order to avoid any kind of food contamination
•very quick cleaning process thanks to back side quick trippers and front side unscrewbles
•paddle shafts mechanic removal
•safety guards for a safe environment for operator and product
•CE rules complying

•adjustable speed
•dedicated to product speed
•microcomputer to store recipes
•column loader (that open the cover)
•weighing system
•refrigerating gas injection
•B/w & coloured touch screen