Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

Oxalic acid vaporizer, simple to use

Thanks to the temperature control system with automatic adjustment probe, it allows to work continuously without having to wait for the boiler to cool down.
This sublimator, with its electronic control panel (thermoregulator) allows the sublimation of the oxalic acid to the correct temperature, something that does not happen in the simplest models (where it is assumed the correct functioning to the simple fact of seeing smoke).
It works electrically, not on gas, which has no temperature control.
It is equipped with a lid to avoid leakage of sublimed before treatment.
The correct sublimation temperature (not boiling) is automatically controlled, and is always clearly visible on the display, guaranteeing the user direct control on the process. In this way there is no production of CO2 or transformation of the oxalic into formic; therefore the death of bees is avoided and the ineffectiveness of the treatment.


ECOX: It is ideal for beekeeper with few hives, but demanding on products, to treat up to 36 beehives per hour
FROX 300: This model can be used both from the front and from the rear side, to treat up to 80 beehives per hour
FROX 400: It can be used both from the front and from the rear side, to treat up to 100 hives per hour
All these models are available also in TOPOX version: for treatments form the lid hole.


  • Possibility to set the working temperature according to your own standards
  • Quantity of oxalic acid can change according to needs.
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Electrical resistance in 220 volt single-phase, opt. 12 volt or with car inverter (not included).
  • Quick sublimation
  • Anti-clogging copper tube
  • Precise and accurate self-learning system to avoid thermal drift.
  • Height adjustable bracket for different hives models.
  • For hobbyist or professional users
  • Burns protection around the boiler
  • In accordance with EC rules.

Hulkox, Oxalic acid vaporizer for professional beekeepers

  • Sublimation time for each hive : 6 seconds
  • Loading quantity: from 30 to 50 grams
  • It works with a compressor and a generator set