Our volumetric filling system is useful for the dosing of liquid, dense or semi-dense products with capacity adjustment by means of a volumetric piston.

Built with the best mechanical logic, it has a fine and precise regulation thanks to its worm screw for calibration, with a narrow pitch, to the reduced surface cylinder and to the oversized rotating shutter. This avoids to incorporate air into honey, does not heat it, does not stress it.

The product is placed directly in jars, bottles or PET bottles that can be closed manually or automatically with our capping machine.

Both the installation on thermoforming lines, or on conveyor belts and/or in fixed tables

The SDV is designed for honey producers demanding and medium-sized.

This is a self-priming machine that draws the product from a tank, a ripener or our heated mixer cone. Its structure, completely in stainless steel, makes the machine sanitized and suitable for processing food products.

  • The tubes and the parts are connected by tri-clamp and silicone gaskets.
  • Available dosages: from 10 to 1000 cc
  • Available versions: dosing on 1, 2 or 4 simultaneous nozzles of various sizes for different weights or small vessels/jars
  • Possibility of customizing the valves and the dosing structure
  • Use a 100 l minute cap air compressor
  • Pedal operating
  • Positionable in feet or horizontal